Cie étantdonné


Cie étantdonné FR

Frédérike Unger, Jérôme Ferron

Les Noces

  • 29 August
    21:30 – 22:15
  • tanzhaus nrw | Small Stage
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Duration: 45min

Les Noces

Choreography: Frédérike Unger, Jérôme Ferron

Five young people, at first separated and then circling one another. They play about, touch each other, let each other go. A wedding party. The atmosphere, at first relaxed, then boisterous, becomes increasingly heated and the party becomes a ritual of desire exuding the spirit of the original music. Igor Stravinsky’s ballet cantata “Les Noces“ was a radical reworking of Russian folk music in which he implanted desire and passion. This interpretation by the “Compagnie étantdonné” is translucent, pregnant and full of lucid musicality – at the same time it is so enchantingly sensual that it throws us off balance.