Cia Sònia Sánchez


Cia Sònia Sánchez SP

Sònia Sánchez

El Pliegue

El Pliegue

Choreography: Sònia Sánchez

“Bu” means dancing. “Tô” means stamping on the ground. When you know the meaning, the connection between Flamenco and Butoh does not seem so far-fetched. Flamenco dancing involves rhythmic foot techniques going beyond that particular part of the body (and soul): and to an equal and opposite extent Japanese Butoh has little to do with down-to-earth movements. Sònia Sanchez transmutes Far Eastern and Mediterranean forms of expression into her own very personal expressive style that uses both traditions. The result is a balanced, liberated and conscious use of the body.

Triple bill with Lenka Vagnerová & Company (CZ) and Andrea Costanzo Martini (IL)