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Aufräumarbeiten im Wasserfall

Choreography: Anna Huber

First the sun falls from the sky, the huge yellow ball becomes a projection area for mysterious images. Lost in a dream and dancing to spherical sounds a woman battles her way though a gigantic grid which seems fixed to the ground, but suddenly bursts into three-dimensional movement. Physical laws are broken, spatial boundaries shift and we lose our bearings. Anna Huber and the installation artist Yves Netzhammer create a universe floating somewhere between the possible and the impossible. To what extent can we adapt to chaotic conditions?

Triple bill with Sylvia Camarda (LU) and NONAME SOSU (KR)

Aufräumarbeiten im Wasserfall
annahuber.compagnie. ©Caroline Minjolle
  • Fabrik Heeder
    Big Stage & Small Stage
    Virchowstraße 130
    47805 Krefeld
  • 28 August
    16:00 – 17:45
  • Triple bill:
    Sylvia Camarda
  • Total duration: 105min