Andrea Costanzo Martini IL

What happened in Torino?

Choreography: Andrea Costanzo Martini

Has this half naked man gone crazy? Wild spasms change into meticulous circling pirouettes in slow motion. Andrea Costanzo Martini accompanies the meditative sounds of Arvo Pärt and the hysterical screams of the Italian tv sales icon Vanna Marchi with scuttles, jumps, stalking and rampaging movements, at times covering the whole of the stage and at others sunk into himself. Andrea Costanzo Martini’s solo performance is nothing less than a self-exposure. He shows us what it means to exhibit oneself, to surrender oneself with every fibre of one’s body, with every form of eccentricity and extravagant observation and judgement.

Triple bill with Lenka Vagnerová & Company (CZ) and Cia Sònia Sánchez (ES)

What happened in Torino?
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