Ando Danse Compagnie


Ando Danse Compagnie FR

Davy Brun



Choreography: Davy Brun

Dance as dance? What else? Davy Brun, like Columbus, is an explorer who moves forward into unknown realms of captivating beauty which are waiting to be (re)discovered. Forceful and fleeting, structured and dynamic, cool and simultaneously erotic, in a continuum of movement and a very private, intimate manner he reflects on the complexity of gender roles, and the development of social relationships and relationships between friends and couples. Highly influenced by contemporary dance traditions but not duty-bound to any particular school, he stages the space, the music and his dancers (all sophisticatedly lit and finely clothed), with a captivating technical perfection.

Triple bill with: battery opera performance (CA) and Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (LT)