Scam Warning

If you receive a letter from the International Fairs Directory please do NOT fill in the information they are asking for! This is a company in Uruguay who sells your data and they charge 1212 Euro if you send this form back!

Also from time to time, the Tanzmesse is contacted by one of our Exhibitors or Professional Visitors informing us that a person not related to the Tanzmesse has contacted them offering assistance to secure travel and hotel reservations or to sell products to furnish their booths. Some of these solicitations can easily be mistaken for communication from our office. All official Tanzmesse providers for any services or products can be found on our website. If someone contacts you who is not listed on our website, then please know that this is someone conducting business independent of the Tanzmesse and does not represent the Tanzmesse. We caution you to be very careful of these businesses. While some of the independent businesses are legitimate and might be providing a service, some are not and might only be seeking your personal data.