Rent a Booth at the Tanzmesse 2016

Rent a Booth at the Tanzmesse 2016
internationale tanzmesse nrw 2014 ©D. Matvejevas

If you are looking into presenting the work you do at the internationale tanzmesse nrw 2016, you should absolutely consider having a booth in the Exhibition Halls.

You can rent a booth for your own company, but you are also welcome to team up with other organisations in your country to prepare a joint booth.

Tanzmesse Exhibitors are invited to submit a porposal for the Performance Programme once their booth has been confirmed. Learn more here.

Here are the steps to rent a booth for the Tanzmesse 2016:

1. Decide upon a coordinator for your booth. The Booth Coordinator has a key role in the preparation of your booth. It can be you, or a colleague, who will be the most active in the preparation of you participation in the Tanzmesse. He/she is also the contact-person for Tanzmesse’s staff for the during the whole preparation period of the Tanzmesse 2016, and is centralising all information related to your booth. The Booth coordinator should then:

2. Create a Tanzmesse account

Your account is created instantly.
Step 2: Login to your account and choose "Rent A Booth"

Once you have filled in your booth request form, the Tanzmesse staff will check and confirm availability within a few days.

3. Pay your booth

Upon payment completion, you are confirmed as a Booth Coordinator and you have access to different functionalities: send a proposal for the Performance Programme or invite companies of your booth to do so, fill in info about your booth, etc.

Have fun in putting together a nice content for your booth and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any support!