Tanzmesse umbrella organisation:
GZT NRW / nrw landesbuero tanz

The Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössischen Tanz NRW e.V. (GZT NRW) aims to build a lobby for the contemporary dance. The GZT NRW gives its backing to all dance professionals of the NRW region on a political and administrative level, encourages educational offers in the field of contemporary dance and organises networking of dance professionals and dance audience on a local, national and international level. The GZT NRW e.V. is the host organisation of the nrw landesbuero tanz. Under the umbrella of the nrw landesbuero tanz the GZT NRW presents the internationale tanzmesse nrw.

GZT NRW Website

Tanzmesse Graphic Design: Clinton Stringer

Since 2015, we have confided the complete re-branding of our graphic design and visual identity to the joyful and talented Clinton Stringer.

The new logo of internationale tanzmesse nrw uses Rudolf Laban’s cube as its starting point. Laban’s concept, used by choreographers the world over, imagines the dancer within a cube of 27 points. It is simultaneously a system of organising movement and a space within which the dancer moves - a fitting symbol for our organisation!

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Tanzmesse Website: webandmore - Das Internetsystemhaus

webandmore is an owner-operated, full-service internet agency. For over 18 years they have been engaged in the conception, design and programming of websites and web-based applications for small, medium and large businesses in the areas of services, trade and industry and the public sector.

They value long-term collaboration and tailor-made services and we value their work, their professional skills and their flexibility and we are glad to have been working on a user-friendly website with them, just for you.

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Website Texts

Texts: Felix Wittek, Anaïs Gabaut
Translation: Robert Skatulla, Christian Watty, Carolelinda Dickey
Proofreading (English): Brooks & Toone