Advertisement & Media Information

Present yourself and your organisation in the best light at Tanzmesse 2020 by advertising in the Tanzmesse CATALOGUE and the digital INFO SCREEN in our Exhibition Halls or adding your promotional material to the Tanzmesse BAG.

If you are performing in the Festival Programme of Tanzmesse, please consider promoting your work with an advertisement in our CATALOGUE to let your colleagues and visitors know where to find you in the Exhibition Halls. You may also promote your work and your presence with a digital advertisement on our INFO SCREEN.

If you have rented a Booth at internationale tanzmesse nrw where you will be representing multiple artists and institutions, you can create a group advertisement to enhance the visibility of your Booth. A CATALOGUE advertisement or a flyer placed in the official Tanzmesse BAG can tell people where to find you in the Exhibition Halls and which companies are represented by you. As an Exhibitor, you might also consider to place your LOGO next to your entry in the Exhibitor's directory to stand out. What is more, you can promote up-to-the minute information about your daily activities like Receptions, T-Talks or Parties on our digital INFO SCREEN located in the Exhibition Halls.

If you will visit internationale tanzmesse nrw 2020 as a Professional Visitor, you can also promote your projects or other information that you wish to share with colleagues through an advertisement in the CATALOGUE and/or the INFO SCREEN.

For more detailed information and prices, please download our PDF on advertising opportunities for Tanzmesse 2020 below. Purchase your advert by filling our online form. Need help or have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact